Compañía Tabaquera Dominicana is a company dedicated to producing and importing Dominican tobacco. It is located in Tenerife, on the Canary Islands (Spain). The Canary Islands have traditionally been a popular region for tobacco growing and manufacturing, party due to its close cultural links to Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

The company sells two different brands, África and Don Ignacio. These two brands are produced in extremely limited quantities, in order to ensure premium quality and a superior taste. During manufacturing, only traditional, artisanal methods are used. In Tamboril (Dominican Republic), our cigars are hand-made employing only 100% traditional manufacturing techniques. In our factory, all cigars are produced and selected with utmost dedication and adherence to strict quality control procedures. That is how we can guarantee that the final product is of superior quality, a true pleasure for tobacco lovers. The whole tobacco production process from the plantings in the fields around Santiago to production and packaging is consistently monitored by our company. The tobacco is harvested, dried, stored, and fermented using premium manufacturing techniques. All this adds to the quality of the final product, e.g. choosing the right fields for plantation, ensuring that all workers have the necessary know-how.

This is why we sell both of those brands, África and Don Ignacio, as if they were true jewels, knowing that we can guarantee that the cigar you smoke is of unmatched quality.

Compañía Tabaquera Dominicana completely dedicates itself to tobacco cultivated and made in the Dominican Republic, which has proven itself to be superior even to Cuban tobacco over the last couple of years.

From our headquarters on the Canary Islands, África and Don Ignacio are sold into the whole world. No matter into which country these top brands are exported, quality and state of the cigars we sell are never less than impeccable. This is a necessary requirement in order to satisfy experienced smokers.