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Sales outlet in Santa Cruz. Restaurante El Bulán

From today, 12 August, the new sales outlet of Compañia Tabaquera Dominicana at El Bulán restaurant will be open to the public. This establishment is located in Calle de la Noria in Santa Cruz, Tenerife.There is a specially designated area inside the bar, where the many different types and varieties of our brands and cigar sizes are available for purchase. A special cellar maintains the perfect temperature and humidity to guarantee ideal preservation of the tobacco products. Additionally, tools and utilities which are used in laboratories for manual twisting of cigars are on display to provide some background information. You have a choice between Spanish cedar boxes of 25 pieces, pouches of three pieces, or individual cigars which you may chose to smoke in the restaurant itself, harmoniously combined with some of the quality drinks on the menu. We recommend that you enjoy our cigars together with Dominican Ron Anejo, in the wonderful atmosphere only El Bulán’s terraces can offer.


During daytime opening hours, ask for Oliver, and at night, for Israel. Both of them are reliable cigar tasting experts, and they will be happy to give you any information you need and assist you with your purchase. Opening hours are from 1 pm until 3 am.



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