Presentation of brands África and Don Ignacio at Restaurante El Bulán, Calle de La Noria.
16 June 2011
Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

All the big names in Tenerife’s cigar smoking circles were present at this presentation, which included a cigar tasting session. To start things off, a promotional video of the company was shown, followed by the possibility to try some of our finest premium cigars. Dominican tobacco experts Dionisio de la Cruz and Francisco Pérez García delighted the crowd by manually producing cigars of two different brands. Then, the cigars were enjoyed by our guests accompanied by the wonderful Añejo rum Cacique 500, which was presented by Alicia Barceló and proved to be the cigars’ perfect companion. The tasting took place in an excellent atmosphere made up of well-known tobacco experts, followed by a delicious dinner at El Bulán. Great feedback and success of the interview in El Día TV – La Tarde, presented by Mariam Moragas