Distribution and commercialization in Spain and Balearic Islands

Flor Fina Hispania has already completed the official procedures and the company is already registered as an importer and distributor in the Spanish peninsular and Balearic territories, of the different products of the Tabaquera Dominicana Company to distribute in the official tobacco shops starting September, 2017, when the product will be available to buy.

The two brands that Flor Fina Hispania sells are Africa and Don Ignacio which have very limited manufacturing, in order to achieve quality and flavor in a traditional way. In Tamboril (Dominican Republic) our cigars are made, following absolutely traditional techniques. In our factory, tobacco workers select and elaborate cigars by hand, with strict quality controls. Thanks to this the resulting product is of extreme Premium quality, and a pleasure for good smokers.

The family of Africa and Don Ignacio comprise the different formats: Churchill, Robusto and Corona.

Start of operations in Peninsula and Balearic Islands

We are pleased to inform you that we are in the final stage of the processing with the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market, to start within two or three months the marketing of our products in the tobacco shops of the Peninsular and Balearic territory.

Stand at Latin American Expo

Stand at Latin American Expo, 1 and 2 April 2011.
3 de Mayo Shopping Centre.
Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain


Presentation of brands África and Don Ignacio at Restaurante El Bulán

Presentation of brands África and Don Ignacio at Restaurante El Bulán, Calle de La Noria.
16 June 2011
Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

All the big names in Tenerife’s cigar smoking circles were present at this presentation, which included a cigar tasting session. To start things off, a promotional video of the company was shown, followed by the possibility to try some of our finest premium cigars. Dominican tobacco experts Dionisio de la Cruz and Francisco Pérez García delighted the crowd by manually producing cigars of two different brands. Then, the cigars were enjoyed by our guests accompanied by the wonderful Añejo rum Cacique 500, which was presented by Alicia Barceló and proved to be the cigars’ perfect companion. The tasting took place in an excellent atmosphere made up of well-known tobacco experts, followed by a delicious dinner at El Bulán. Great feedback and success of the interview in El Día TV – La Tarde, presented by Mariam Moragas


Sales outlet in Santa Cruz. Restaurante El Bulán

From today, 12 August, the new sales outlet of Compañia Tabaquera Dominicana at El Bulán restaurant will be open to the public. This establishment is located in Calle de la Noria in Santa Cruz, Tenerife.There is a specially designated area inside the bar, where the many different types and varieties of our brands and cigar sizes are available for purchase. A special cellar maintains the perfect temperature and humidity to guarantee ideal preservation of the tobacco products. Additionally, tools and utilities which are used in laboratories for manual twisting of cigars are on display to provide some background information. You have a choice between Spanish cedar boxes of 25 pieces, pouches of three pieces, or individual cigars which you may chose to smoke in the restaurant itself, harmoniously combined with some of the quality drinks on the menu. We recommend that you enjoy our cigars together with Dominican Ron Anejo, in the wonderful atmosphere only El Bulán’s terraces can offer.


During daytime opening hours, ask for Oliver, and at night, for Israel. Both of them are reliable cigar tasting experts, and they will be happy to give you any information you need and assist you with your purchase. Opening hours are from 1 pm until 3 am.



Restaurante Lucas

In Puerto de la Cruz, our cigars may be acquired from the excellent Restaurante Lucas. It is well-known for its refined gastronomic offer, which will now gain additional value due to an excellent cigar menu presented by Compañia Tabaquera Dominicana. Our full range of cigars is available, in perfectly conserved state, together with an extended wine and cava menu and other quality drinks. Here, you have the chance to enjoy unforgettable meals or dinners followed by a cigar of the África or Don Ignacio brands, in an appropriate setting on the chill-out terrace, surrounded by cosy gardens. Do not hesitate to try it out for yourself, and experience a very special moment.

Restaurante Lucas
Autopista de Santa Cruz, Exit 32
La Orotava 38300
Santa Cruz de Tenerife