Our Brands

Tobacco from the Dominican Republic is currently considered the best in the world. Compañia Tabaquera Dominicana sells two excellent, hand-made Dominican cigar brands: África and Don Ignacio.

The outstanding quality and character of these cigars lies in its rigorously observed growing, collecting, drying and fermentation processes, as well as the artisanal knowledge of out experienced Caribbean tobacco masters.

We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable and unique experience by trying one of our excellent cigars, whose texture, aroma, and original humidity are preserved thanks to a meticulous, complex packaging system which uses Spanish Cedar boxes.


We sell to individual clients as well as distributors in any country in the world.

Please note: In Spain, our online shop is only available for the Canary Islands.

We export into any country in the world, according to the relevant legislations.

It is forbidden to sell to minors.